Add Snapping Points to Shapes

Snapping points allow a shape to always Snap to other objects in a particular way. This is useful for quickly placing them in the context of a drawing without having to mess with exact placement. 



There are two ways to add snapping points

  1. Add while creating a Shape
  2. Add to existing Shapes

Add Snapping Points while creating a shape

  1. During the creation process, you open the New Shape dialog. At the bottom of the dialog tap on Edit Snapping Point


  1. Tap anywhere you want to add a point


  1. Finish saving the shape



Add Snapping Points to an existing shape

  1. Open the Shape Panel
  2. Tap on Edit icon in top right corner to enter the Edit Mode


  1. Tap on a shape to select
  2. Tap on Add Snapping Point icon in top left 


  1. Tap anywhere you want to add a point


  1. Finish




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