How do I get my existing plans (PDFs) into ArcSite?

You use your ArcSite cloud account to manage your existing plans. By uploading to your cloud account, these plans will be automatically accessible from the iPad app itself.

Steps required to Upload PDFs

  1. Navigate to on your computer. Note you are not able to upload PDFs from your iPad. 
  2. Use your ArcSite credentials (the ones you log into ArcSite with) to log into the account
  3. Choose the project (or create one) in which you want your plans to be. 
  4. Click the "Upload" button 
  5. Follow the steps provided


Options during upload

During the upload process, you can take multiple actions to determine what parts of your plans will be uploaded and how they will appear within the app itself.

Available Options:

  1. Bulk upload PDFs
  2. Choose which pages (sheets) will be loaded and which ones will not
  3. Rename individual sheets
  4. Rotate orientation of the sheets


Accessing the uploaded plans from within the app

  1. After you have uploaded your PDF plans as shown above, they are immediately shown as "Ready to be Downloaded" in the app. NOTE: At this point, the plan itself has not been downloaded to the local iPad
  2. Download by tapping on the overlaid download icon (See Below)
  3. NOTE - You need an internet connection to download them


NOTE - Not Available at Basic subscription level - See Load PDF locally 

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