Create Color Fill and/or Pattern Fills

You can create a Color Fill or a Pattern/Hatch Fill.

Color Fill

You can fill almost any "sealed" shape using the Fill feature. As shown below, the fill icon is available whenever objects have been selected. 

Sealed means that all sides are snapped/sealed up against another side. Note that Fill does not work with sealed objects created with the free draw tool. 

The initial color use will be the active Color and/or Pattern. You can change the color and transparency by tapping on the Display Properties icon





Pattern / Hatch Fill

You can add a pattern to any sealed set of lines or existing Area or Color Fill.

For Existing Areas or Fills

  1.  Select an existing Fill or Area
  2. Tap on Styles icon at the lower left corner of the canvas


When No Area or Fill exists 

  1. Select a sealed set of lines
  2. Tap on the More (…) icon, the top icon on the lower left corner
  3. Tap on Fill option
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