Drawing Details Pane (Rename, Duplicate, Delete)

You can view drawing details by tapping the Details icon shown to the bottom right corner of the drawing thumbnail.


Within the details pane itself you can:

  1. Rename Drawing
  2. Duplicate Drawing - either to this or another project
  3. Compare versions - Each time you upload the drawing to the ArcSite cloud account, you create a version that can be accessed later
  4. View Details on:
    • Owner
    • Last Modified Date
    • Size
  5. Add tags - These can be used to filter the list of drawings
  6. See who has access - Here is how to set that access 
  7. Delete Drawing (If owner/admin) - Available options could be:
    • Delete from device - this will only delete the iPad version of the drawing, leaving the cloud version intact
    • Delete from Cloud - this will completely delete drawing. It will no longer be available at all. If the drawing has never been uploaded to the cloud account, this option will not be shown.


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