Text tools

The Text tool has two options: Text Block and Text Callout (Leader)



text_block_icon.pngText Block

Tap where you want to place the text and start typing

Fixed Width Text Block:

To fill a specific area only, you can predefine the width the block will use. 

  1. Press and drag on canvas to the desired width 
  2. Lift finger
  3. Newly created text block will now have a fixed width and will grow vertically to match the content. 

text_callout.png Text Callout (Leader):

  1. On canvas, press, and drag to create
  2. Arrow will be placed at the starting point 


To change the active Text tool

  1. Press and hold on the Text icon
  2. When the Text tool sub-options appear, select desired option




Change Text Properties 

Default text properties - tap the third sub option - Color and Style. See screenshot above.

Existing text properties - select any existing text and then tap the Color and Style icon in the lower left corner of the canvas.

Changeable Text Properties  

  • Color
  • Transparency 
  • Line Weight (callout)
  • Box Border (callout)
  • Text Height




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