Digitize PDFs and Images

The Smart Trace option allow you to quickly and easily trace over a PDF or an image to create digital / editable versions of your existing plans.

 To use Smart Trace:

1. Place a PDF or Image on the canvas using one of the following methods:

2. Tap on 2nd to bottom icon on toolbar

3. Tap on Trace icon in the sub options menu

4. ArcSite will scan and present a green highlight on the lines that it has found. 

5. Simply drag along each of the lines and ArcSite will programmatically snap to them.

6. During the tracing process, you can toggle on and off the background image to see how your drawing looks by tapping on this icon (located in the lower left corner of the canvas)


6. You can adjust both the edge sensitivity and trace type by tapping the "Adjust Tracing Line" icon.




 NOTE: The video above shows the Trace tool as a top level toolbar option. Since the recording of this video, it has been moved to be a sub option as shown below. 




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