Exporting Drawings / Plans


To export a drawing, tap on the "Share / Export" icon and you will be presented with various export formats (PDF, PNG, and AutoCAD DXF) and a variety of apps to export to (Mail, Print, etc).

Another common request is to save to an alternate cloud account. You can do that here as well. As long as the relevant cloud app is installed / configured on your iPad, you can access those account in this same way. 





Export to PDF dialog

The dialog displayed during a PDF export has multiple options.



Orientation - choose between Landscape and Portrait displays

Paper Size - Define the output paper size

Include Contextually Located Photos - If you have added any location based - embedded photos to drawing, you can choose to include them or not. When included, these can greatly increase the size of the PDF. Many email systems have a maximum size for incoming email which these PDFs can exceed. 

Instead you can easily upload the drawing to the ArcSite cloud account and then share that link with your intended recipient. They can directly download to avoid the email limitations.

Include Grid - Toggle on and off the display of the background grid for the export.

Scale - Choose from existing or create a custom export scale size. Once set, the scale will become the default scale.

Export Area - Toggle between exporting the Entire Drawing or just what is currently visible on the canvas. 

Advanced Settings 

  1. Choose a line weight for the export
  2. Set specific margins. This is useful if your printer has default unchangeable margins you want to override. 

Scale Options

The Scale panel allows you to define a particular output scale or define your own custom format (bottom option),



Advanced Settings

Line Weight Scale  - provides a relative slider to change the thickness of the line weight displayed on export.

Paper Margins - Change the amount of margins used during an export. Useful if your printer has preset unchangeable margins. You can use this to overwrite those margins.



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