Reusable Shapes - Creating and Using

ArcSite provides default reusable shapes and allows you to easily create your own. Shapes are great for quickly adding consistent visual information on items that will repeatedly appear in your work.

You can create a shared shape library so that everyone in the organization can use with just a few taps on the screen.


Sections Below:
Default Shapes that Ship with App
Creating Your Own Shapes
Saving Shapes at a Particular Size
Search for a Shape
Edit Existing Shapes

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Default Shapes that Ship with App

To use the default shapes, tap the Shapes icon (pictured below) from the fourth icon on the toolbar, to view all available shapes. Tapping on a shape will place it in the center of the canvas. 




Creating Your Own Shapes

  1. Select an object or objects on canvas
  2. Tap the Shapes icon (icon) that appears on the lower left corner of the canvas
  3. You must provide a Name
  4. Optionally you can choose to remember it's size and unit and/or define snapping points.
  5. Tap Create button to finalize


Once you have saved a shape, it will appear in the "My Shapes" tab of the shapes pane.



Saving at a Specific Size

Toggle on the Remember Size and Unit option to have the shapes appear at the same size every time.


Shapes that have their size and unit saved (see note in #3 above), will have a visual indicator in the top right corner as shown below.




Searching For Shapes

At the top of each tab on the Shapes Panel is a Search Bar. Typing in a search term will automatically reduce the display of shapes to include just the shapes that match the searched term.







Editing / Modifying Existing Shapes

Once on the canvas and selected, you can modify shapes in a number of ways.

  1. Making changes to the existing shape but retaining it as a shape
  2. Breaking the shape apart into its original individual components



Break A Shape Apart  

By breaking the shapes into its original individual parts, you can then make any change you would like. However, while the original saved shape is still available from the Shapes panel, the changed shape is no longer related to the original shape and must be saved as a separate shape to use again later.


Make Some Changes But Keep Shapes Intact:

Unlike in the previous section where you can break apart a shape to do major edits, but then lose it's connection to the original shape, you can make some changes to a shape on-screen without having to save as a new shape.

Changes possible are:

  • Change its length and height by tapping on its Shown measurements
  • Scaling it proportionally by pressing and dragging from one of its corners
  • Opening the Style panel to change color, line width and line type




Note - Custom shapes functionality is not available at the basic subscription level.

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