Actions Available on a Selected Object

Once one or more objects have been selected, a variety of editing options will appear around the selection and at the bottom left corner of the canvas.

Note: Not all options are available for every object.  



Options directly around the selection (with their required behaviors) include:

Move Press, hold and drag from anywhere in the selection area, to move to a different location
Rotate Press, hold and rotate. You can choose the specific angle of rotation by tapping on the degree shown
Scale Tap, press down, and drag on the scale icon from any of the four corners to make the object grow proportionally larger or smaller
Make a Copy / Duplicate
  1. Press, hold and drag the Duplicate icon
  2. Lift finger/ stylus to create a copy of the object in place
  1. Press, hold and drag the Mirror icon
  2. Lift finger/ stylus to create a mirrored version of the object in place 



In the lower left corner, the following options are available

More  Tapping this icon will expose a number of possible options, such as:
Copy/Paste Selected object will be placed in the clipboard and can be pasted in this or other drawings
Move to Layer ...  Choose an alternate layer to move selected objects to
Fill  When tapped, this will fill a closed shape with a solid color and or pattern. It will use the current color and transparency level set in Style
Show Dimensions Length dimensions will be shown for all selected lines or walls 
 Group Temporarily group objects together so that act as a single object. Once a group has been created, you will also have an option here to Ungroup 
 Bring to Front/ Send to Back  Within a single layer, choose the order of objects 
Attributes Depending on whether a shape or a closed object is select, this icon is available. Used for both Shape-based and Area/Length based takeoff, tap this icon to enter in takeoff attributes
Measure Shows Cumulative Length and Area of currently selected objects. Area requires that shape is closed.
Create Shape Create a shape based on selection 
Styles  Change settings such as color, line width, line style, text height, etc. 
Delete Deletes current selection
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