Using Existing Plans to Conduct a Site Visit

Whether you are doing a feasibility study, a site audit, or a redline all the way to an as-built, you can use ArcSite with your existing plans while on site.

This article contains 

  • An overview video of the whole process
  • A series of links that cover each of the individual steps taken

An Overview


Links to Each Step

  1. Upload your plans to the ArcSite Cloud Account
  2. Set a scale for the plan
  3. Taking measurements and showing dimensions onscreen (Length, Angle, Area)
  4. Use Layers to Separate Elements Out From Each Other
  5. Use the Pen Tool to trace the underlying PDF
  6. At any point, you can temporarily hide the PDF underlay by opening the Setting Panel and toggling off the Background option
  7. Show those traced lines dimensions automatically
  8. Add a saved shape from the Shape Panel - Create and Use Saved Shapes
  9. Duplicate a shape or any other selected object
  10. Use shapes to create a Takeoff Schedule while onsite
  11. Text Options - Shows how to add text to the canvas.
  12. Embed and Markup photos directly in the PDF directly where you took them onsite. This is a great way to have that visual information that is now part of the PDF deliverable itself
  13. Manually Specify a Length or Angle 
  14. There are 2 ways to select multiple objects at once. I quickly do the operation within the video, but they are worth going over individually as well.
  15. Specify a relative distance between objects. Useful when place items a certain distance from each other
  16. Then upload your work to the ArcSite cloud account, to have a backup and so that others that are Collaborators ( folks who can work or just view the work) get notified. 
  17. Alternately you can simply export directly out of the app
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