Drawing a Site Plan from Scratch

This article contains 

  1. An overview video of the whole process
  2. A series of links that cover each of the individual steps taken

An Overview

Links to Each Step

  1. Create a Project - You have a number of options up front. This video discusses starting from scratch, but you can also start with a PDF or start with an image/photo as the background or even pushed directly out from AutoCAD 
  2. Setting Grid Options from the Settings Panel
  3. Using the Pen Tool
  4. Set a Drawing Scale 
  5. Manually Specify a Length or Angle or Relative Distance 
  6. Layers 
  7. Creating Measurements onscreen (Length, Angle, Area) - Manually or Automatically
  8. Reusable Shapes - Creating and Using them. That link also shows how you can specify a specific size to have them always appear at. Here shows breaking them shapes apart once onscreen so that you can change it to your current need.  
  9. Text Options - Shows how to add text to the canvas. 
  10. Embed and Markup photos as opposed to just putting an image in the background OR starting a drawing with a Photo/Image as the background
  11. There are 2 ways to select multiple objects at once
  12. Once you have one or more objects selected, there are a whole series of things you can do to them. Here are a few called out specifically - Move, duplicate, mirror, color fill, get a quick area and cumulative length, save as a reusable shape, group or ungroup
  13. Create and use forms, so that at the end of the visit, you will have the visual plan, the photos and any form data all as a single deliverable
  14. Before you export, you might need to make text all the same size for better legibility
  15. Then upload your work to the ArcSite cloud account, to have a backup and so that others that are Collaborators ( folks who can work or just view the work) get notified. 
  16. Alternately you can simply export directly out of the app
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