Setting a scale for your drawing is a simple process of just a few clicks. This process tells the tool what scale you want to work in.

Note - Based on that entry, all future objects will match the scale just set until set again.


  1. Ensure you have no tool active in the toolbar. If one is active, tap it to make it inactive
  2. Ensure you have nothing selected on screen
  3. Tap on the Calibrate icon in lower left corner of screen
  4. Accept pop up message
  5. Press down and drag across length 
  6. Lift finger
  7. Specify the distance


  1. If starting from a blank screen, you can drag across the entire width to define
  2. If starting with a Photo or PDF, drag across the width of a known length shown. For example the width of a doorframe.

In regards to getting a good calibration, my suggestions are as follows:

  1. Zoom in as much as possible 
  2. I find calibrating to a horizontal rather than vertical measurement is easier
  3. Press down and look at the magnification in the top let corner to make sure you are starting at the right spot
  4. Go slowly.
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