The Text tool has two options: Text Block and Text Callout (Leader)

Text Block

Normal Text block - tap on the canvas where you want to start the text and begin typing.

Fixed Width Text Block:

  1. Press down at a start point and drag to desired width
  2. Lift finger
  3. Newly created text block will now have a fixed width and will grow its height to match content.

Text Callout (Leader):

  1. On canvas, press and drag to create.
  2. Arrow will be placed at starting point

Change Text Properties

There are a number of text properties that can be changed. 

  1. To change a default text properties, tap on the Color & Styles option as is shown above
  2. To change properties of an existing text, select it and then tap on the Color & Styles icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
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