The video and the steps below show you how by simply drawing a picture, you end up with a full set of deliverables to help you drive your sales and satisfy everyone involved. 

You can create a similar purposed output, regardless of your business, by going through the following videos.

  1. Set up the Drawing Space (4:20 minutes)
  2. Draw the site that is there (The Draw tool, Shapes, and Layers) (3:30)
  3. Add Measurements (one at a time or in bulk) (2:45)
  4. Adding marked up site photos will allow you to always "remember" this project (1:20)
  5. Add your Products and Services (3:30)
  6. Finish the Proposal and get it out of the app (1:45)

What to do next?

The next thing most folks want to do is to try it out for themselves. We can help you to do so in a number of ways:

  1. Reach out here or at 1 (888) 266-1843. We can work with you to either turn on some some demo content or by bringing in some of your own, into the tool.
  2. Read about how All Gutter Systems is using ArcSite to drive more sales.
  3. Read more about setting up your own environment with More about ArcSite Products and/or More about ArcSite Proposals.
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