In this first release of our Proposal feature (8-4-19), there is one way to customize the actual customer proposal form itself. 

In upcoming releases, more customization will be available. As this is a new feature, we would love to hear your comments and priorities for improvements. Email them to support @ or call us at 888 - 266 - 1843 option 2.

Define Your Company Information 

Note - This task requires the active account to be setup as a Company Admin. Contact support at support @ or call us at 888 - 266 - 1843 option 2 with questions.

  1. Log into the ArcSite User Site to the Manage Companies Accounts screen
  2. Sign in with your ArcSite account credentials if requested
  3. Fill in any of your Company information that you want to appear on the proposal
  4. Tap the Click to Upload button to add a company logo

NEXT STEP - Create Products

The other part to setting up proposals is to define the products and services you want to include in the proposal. That is done with Products. Read about Products here. 

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