This article shows how to do fills for both drawings you create as well as on an existing PDF or Photo you import.

NOTE:  In order to fill an ArcSite Shape, you must break the shape apart first.

Color and Pattern Fills on drawings you create

You can fill almost any "sealed" shape using one of the Fill options. Sealed here means that all sides are snapped/sealed up against another side. 

Accessing the Fill Tool

You access the Fill tool from the 4th icon on the right side toolbar.

The Fill Tool Modes

Pick Point mode - When active:

  1. Tap anywhere in the center of a sealed object to fill
  2. Tap on Checkmark at bottom to finalize

Select Boundary mode - When active:

  1. Select a sealed set of lines to fill
  2. Tap on Checkmark at bottom to finalize

Fill Settings 

Set and change from the Fill Settings icon in the Fill toolbar sub menu or from the bar at bottom of screen 

Change an Existing Fills Settings

You can change an existing fills settings:

  1. Tap to make a fill active
  2. Tap on the Color & Styles in the lower left corner of screen

Color and Pattern Fills on imported PDFs and Photos

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