Once one or more objects have been selected, a variety of editing options will appear around the selection and at the bottom left corner of the canvas.

Note: Not all options are available for every object.


Left Side Icons

The icons to the lower left section of the canvas come and go based on the selected object and toolbar item. Not all will be present for all selections

  1. Copy to Clipboard - Make the copied objects available to be Pasted in other drawings
  2. Move to Layer
  3. Fill - fill a closed object with a color or pattern fill
  4. Show Dimensions
  5. Explode - Break apart an existing saved Shapes for editing purposes
  6. Group and Ungroup
  7. Bring to Front - Move to Back - change the order of object within a single layer
  8. Add Product Attributes - fill in information for takeoff or estimation purposes
  9. Display Area and Cumulative Length - Automatically show both an area and the cumulative perimeter length of a sealed object
  10. Convert to Shape 
  11. Display Settings - Change how the selected object visually appears
  12. Delete

Selected Object

Options immediately surrounding a selected object

  1. Mirror - make a duplicate and flip it on its axis
  2. Scale - scale proportionally a selected object. That is change both length and width at the same time. 
  3. Rotate 
  4. Move 
  5. Duplicate - Make a copy on the existing drawing 

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