What you experience

You attempt to log into ArcSite and are told that your account has expired. However you are certain that you have paid through Apple.

What likely has happenedĀ 

There are times when despite payment having been made through the Apple payment system, ArcSite has not received notification of this transaction. The result of which is that it appears to us that your account has expired.

What to do to "Solve" this issue

Solution #1 - Log off and back into your account

  1. In the top right corner of the canvas, tap on your account name and tap Log Out

2. Log back in

Solution #2 - RestoreĀ 

You can "Restore" your subscription with a few clicks directly from the app.

  1. From the main Projects screen, tap on your email address in the top right corner
  2. Select Manage Subscription option
  3. On the "Choose Your Subscription" screen, tap the link at the very bottom center of the screen.

This should resolve this issue.

If this does not work

Please contact support at either:

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