Create a Shape-Based takeoff environment and then use those shapes to automatically create your takeoffs straight from the field. Below are several videos

A quick overview of the takeoff feature

More in-depth walkthrough of the takeoff feature

How to Create a takeoff form:

  1. Navigate to the ArcSite User Site at
  2. Log in with your ArcSite credentials (email and password) if requested
  3. Click on your email link shown in the top right corner
  4. Select Manage Shapes option
  5. At Shapes screen, select Manage Category link in the top right corner
  6. Create as many categories for similar items as needed (See category section below)
  7. Add individual shapes to categories (See shapes section below)

The shapes are now ready to be used in the field for any project and drawing.

What are the categories and how do I use them?

Categories are a means of organizing similar shapes and allowing them to share common properties. The types of properties that you can define are:

  • Type - Ones that have fixed values such as a Model number. They will not be editable in the app.
  • Instance -These can be set in App. An example here might be Location.

How do shapes relate to categories?

Shapes allow you to create reusable visual representations of objects you want to add to your plans/drawings. In the context of take offs, shapes can have attributes associated to them that folks can define while in the field.

You can add individual shapes to an existing take off category and it will inherit all the category's properties.

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