Any defined area or length can be selected and have attributes applied to them to generate a takeoff schedule / bill of material.

Here is a high level video showing it in use.

A more in-depth walkthrough of using the Takeoffs features (both shape and area-length based) in the app.

Setting up your takeoff environment

In order to use the Area / Length based Takeoff, you need to tell the app what kinds of objects you will be collecting information on and what are the attributes about them, you want to be asked during use.

This is done by setting up Categories and Object Types

  1. Categories are where you define the WHAT, what are the general attributes you want to collect on site
  2. Object Types are specific examples of those categories

An example could be that the

  • Category would be Pavers and here you could define questions such as Shape, Size, and Color.
  • Then you could create Object Types of Brick, Cobblestone or Concrete. At these object type level, you could define a price per foot among other questions

Setting up the takeoff environment

  1. Navigate to the ArcSite User Site at
  2. Log in with your ArcSite credentials (email and password) if requested
  3. Click on your email link shown in the top right corner
  4. Tap on the Manage Object Types option
  1. On the Object Types screen, select the Manage Categories link in the top right corner
  1. Create as many categories for similar items as needed (See category section below)
  1. Add individual object types to categories

The object types are now ready to be used in the field for any project and drawing.

What are categories and how do I use them?

Categories are a means of organizing similar object types and allowing them to share common properties. The types of properties that you can define are:

  • Type - Ones that have fixed values such as Model number. They will not be editable in the app.
  • Instance -These can be set in App. An example here might be location.
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